Sinister Cave

Only brave fools dare to the shallow dark,
Swathe by shiny plates and sharp steel mark.
What you hear beside a victorious cheer,
Are the blood curdle scream, that any, would hear.
Less wise men that seek of fortune,
Their lack of sense in chance of boon.
With ideas against the monster from below,
A shadow creature not meant to show.

The trail of blood lay fresh the gate,
To remind of those that meet their fate.
Yet fools and heroes take their chance,
Arm by shields, swords and formal stance.
A cycle that dawn the greed of man,
For their flesh before the beast to hand.
A toast to name the fools who dare,
Their sad excuse of judgement to care.

Yet here I am about to join the flock,
Guess a bigger fool is dumb as a rock.

Art: Sinister Cave by Wildweasel339


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