I need a name

Still remember the name of the long deceased,
When a thief steal a face that cannot miss?
Only then could you meet the shadow heart,
A gentle creature, born by deceit to part.
Here it laid in the dormant of silence,
Darkness shield the helpless to its defense.
Like a familiar, it only bounds to the wearer,
Forever to life in the fields of honor.

Do not grant the naive, hopeful sense of right,
Embrace the shroud that loom in the night.
And empty the thoughts that grant this day,
‘Abandon all good’, that it would stay.
For this gentle creature that cover in darkness,
A friend worth any gold that any once promised.
Riddle by this of the chance to claim,
Speak out the word of the feline’s name.

For this gentle creature, beautiful and queer,
Shall vanish that worth to the Outsider’s ear.

Art: I need a name o3o by Safiru (Ilona Mikołajczyk)


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