Dark Robin Hood

Live by tales lost from the hidden page,
Time has press on to the grand, future age.
But none would know of a different scene,
Robin Hood, the man and prince of thieves.
If the story been told of a man of honor,
Rob from the rich to give to the poor.
This man that once stood for the people,
A twisted heart that steal the hope and bauble.

It lives and raids from rich to poor,
Gods, give his back the legion to lure.
His greed is bottomless, beyond to fill,
Joys of scream that shook his will.
Silence of the lambs, unable to defend,
Royal line that flush the waste of men.
No law would stop this ravenous thrall,
With an arrow be plant on every stall.

A black robin has spotted deep into the wood,
Its soulless gaze that hid beneath its hood.

Art: Dark Robin Hood by Winerla


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