No matter the course the action uphold,
Be true and brave the dare to bold.
With every passion the voices to hear,
Spectacular parade of the people’s cheer.
The wind that gust on the morning light,
The speed of the force, target on sight.
Pounded heart that burn out alive,
Thrill to the chase the mind would thrive.

Yet words mean little, no form, no song,
Random deed to confuse the throng.
The lies, the evil, that stir in their heart,
Damnable fools, jesters of no part.
Be the knight from the olden time,
Let action be words for chaos to climb,
For the room is littered, parable to explore,
The mind is power where sorceress store.

No matter the words that bring to complicate,
Pick a choice to descend that of fate.

Art: DON KICHOTE by Mlenart (Mateusz Lenart)


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