Little Wizard Apprentice and her toad

From night that sleep the forest builds,
A little girl with a power to wield.
Along with a friend, a loyal toad,
Who bark on a quest without a road.
Though small and bleak, fragile and weak,
Nothing could stop this curious meek.
For when she steps into the unknown,
Her heart would shine, glow and shown.

And if you jump from over the wall,
To take a chance where magic calls.
No young or old could face the dark,
Not age of heroes could search its mark.
Yet here you are, braver than most,
To serve a light of the silent host.
Few would act, fewer to kind,
Fewest the torch would rise and shine.

Where butterflies would gather the light,
Like fire’s glow that swallowed by the night.

Art: Little Wizard Apprentice and her toad by ullbors (Pontus Ullbors)


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