There the stars that covered the night,
There the world becomes the light.
A collective spheres around the line,
A form to deter, a form that shine.
And out of the darkness, life begins,
Wings and halos that circle within.
For the world in tune, shape and mold,
By daring deeds, to breathe, to hold.

Yet life wither, aged and defect,
It perpetual sphere had lost the effect.
By legion years, the stars would fade,
Life burns ash of the void to trade.
As every warmth that turns them down,
As every rock gone without a sound.
The strand was left, light gone low,
A reminder to dream that distant glow.

For when, on Earth, does time would last?
Do we belong, before, the stars of past?

Art: Star by tatasz (Tatyana Zabanova)


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