War dawns for the sake of man,
Hear their death breathes the motherland.
Fire breeds to cinder and ash,
Like pitch of coal, dust they stash.
Stain by time in the rotten core,
Bear witness by both blood and gore.
No chance to give, except the scream,
Light as a feather in a lullaby dream.

For when the dead, halt and paused,
Thereby to hint for a noble cause.
Two souls that engage in a fight,
Their deed that stain, black as night.
Yet victor rose against a foe,
Sword up high in a crimson glow.
But end to find, blade that break,
The deed was done, he couldn’t take.

Wounds of scars as mercy would grant,
Deeds done turn, life chance of anew.

Art: Mercy by mcptato (Mariah C. P. Tato)


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