Midnight Rainbow

Traveler’s guide to the million star,
Stretch fast, steady at far.
For none would dwell the deeper reign
The cold serene where life displays.
And yon the days and nights of yore
And gone the winds from night before
A chance so rare, not found since when
A chance indeed where beauty stays

From endless gems to covenant night,
The faded lady from the darken light.
Radiant silver, don like snow,
Sapphire eyes that pierce the soul.
Waves after waves by a single touch,
Waters braves break the breather’s mouth
Only silence still the silver heart
For the chance would change of role.

A chance indeed, such beauty fades
Like color’s sky such fate was made.
Such fate would give, such fate would fall,
But the silver lady remembers it all.


Art:Midnight Rainbow by Yuumei (Wenqing Yan)


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