Poet’s Profile

So you been asking what is this about and what is the purpose for this blog? You could tell by the way I type and form the sentences you might say that my grammars isn’t perfect. Well, it’s not.

Hello, my alias name is Cedric Scorch, take out the C then you find my real name, and this is Experiment with Words.

As you may have know, or if you have ever heard of me…I’m a poet. Well not really a poet, but people been telling me that I am so…yeah, guess I am. This would be my main blog site for all the work that I have done for the past two years since I’ve been doing. You could see my work on my Youtube channel.

As you could tell when you click on the link, I am a music fan. Instrumental and orchestra is what I want to hear, along with some little movies and goodly arts, I posted some poem comments on the stuff that I like and that’s it. Well I do some videos but I’m clearly not good at it.

Experiment with Words is a site of my collection of work of the poems that I constructed, the sentences I build from nothingness and into some flunky or greatest work. While it is my first time on doing this blogging stuff, I hope you enjoy of my work and I would like for you spread around, if you can and if you want.

So again, welcome and have a nice day.


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